Telfy Alarm and Video Surveillance

The home alarm and video surveillance kit includes:

Central control panel | Wireless LED keypad | Wireless remote control | IR camera motion detector | IR motion detector | Magnetic contact sensor | Indoor alert siren | Up to 4 video cameras


Alarm kit + 1 camera


per month

Installation: 50€

Maintenance included

Alarm kit + 1 cameras


per month

Installation: 50€

Maintenance included

Additional Camera

Up to a maximum of 1 camera


per month


Alarm kit + 1 camera


One-time payment

Installation: 50€

Maintenance 7,90€/month

Alarm kit + 3 cameras


One-time payment

Installation: 50€

Maintenance 9,90€/month

Additional Camera

Up to a maximum of 1 camera


Maintenance 1€/month

Service subject to a 24-month contract. SIM card included in the service price for equipment use, SMS delivery not included. * In the rental option, once the contract period ends, you can purchase the equipment at a 50% discount and switch to a monthly maintenance fee of €6.90 plus €1 per contracted camera.

What does the Telfy Alarm system include?

Just what you really need:

Mantenimiento de equipos

Equipment maintenance

Placa disuasoria exterior

Outdoor deterrent plaque

Autogestión con Servicio App

Self-management with App Service

Garantía en caso de rotura

Warranty in case of breakage*

*Warranty in case of breakage for rental agreements

Manage your alarm from your mobile phone

With the Hik-connect App

Whether you are out for a family stroll or working out at the gym, you know your home is protected. Self-manage your alarm, arm or disarm it, see what is happening inside in seconds, and everything you need at your fingertips

  • Activate and deactivate

    Arm, disarm, and manage your alarm from wherever you are with the direct access app included with the system

  • Early detection

    Comprehensive day and night detection with high-precision, quick-response interior sensors.

  • Control your home

    See what is happening inside your house even when you are not there. The photodetectors will capture any intrusion into your home.

  • Quick response

    Instant notifications on your mobile phone. You have the power to act immediately by calling the authorities within seconds.

The surveillance system you're looking for

We offer you two video surveillance kits, ranging from 1 camera to a maximum of 4 cameras, to suit your needs.

  • Deterrence

    The visible presence of cameras helps deter criminals from attempting theft, vandalism, or any other illegal activity on your property.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Monitor your property in real-time from anywhere, thanks to internet-connected devices. You can rest assured even when away from home.

  • Evidence Gathering

    In the event of an incident, video surveillance systems provide recordings that can help identify perpetrators and be used in legal proceedings.

  • Remote Management

    Remote self-management allows you to control and adjust the video surveillance systems from wherever you want, offering total control.

  • Scalability

    With Telfy video surveillance systems, we offer customization options according to your needs and they can be scaled to adapt to the growth of your home.

Alarma en casa
Sistema de Videovigilancia

Do you only need the Telfy home alarm service?

More info

Do you need a video surveillance system for your home?

More info

Quick installation and easy maintenance.

Equipment with an elegant and discreet finish. No wires and no worries.

Add up to a total of 64 devices to your alarm system. Visit our offices or consult with our team to learn more about the peripherals you can install to enhance your security.

Take a look at the equipment we install

You will see that we have everything you need to control your home safely.

Mantenimiento de equipos

Alarm centre

With capacity for up to 64 wireless devices connected simultaneously.

Mantenimiento de equipos

LED keypad

Wireless communication with the control panel. Arm, disarm, and manage your alarm with this handy keypad.

Mantenimiento de equipos

Detector with camera

Remotely configurable equipment, with excellent night shots and integrated storage memory.

Mantenimiento de equipos

IR Detector

Remotely configurable equipment, with advanced digital signal processing and 3D optics.

Mantenimiento de equipos

Magnetic detector

Magnetic contact combined with shock and tilt detection. Fully remotely configurable.

Mantenimiento de equipos

Indoor siren

Configurable LED indicator and arming/disarming warning sound with 3 types of alarm sounds.


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