Lite Rates

Discover Telfy's rates and start enjoying the best symmetrical fiber with the whole family today.

Fantabulosa Lite
  • Fantabulosa Lite
    300 Mb symmetrical
  • Fantabulosa Lite
    25 GB + unlimited
  • Fantabulosa Lite
    TelfyTV +100 channels
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Plan Vive Lite
  • Plan Vive Lite
    300 Mb symmetrical
  • Plan Vive Lite
    Unlimited to landlines
  • Plan Vive Lite
    25 GB + unlimited
  • Plan Vive Lite
    TelfyTV +100 channels
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Why Choose Internet at Home with Telfy?

Because at Telfy, all our fiber rates in Vega Baja, Requena, or Tordesillas are designed to offer you the best quality of services and features. Our packages are designed to cover all the connection needs that a family currently needs. Moreover, by contracting Telfy's fiber optic, you will be part of a company that invests in its region, offers employment to more than 100 families in Vega Baja, and supports local groups. If you are still not sure, see what you can achieve with your Telfy connection.

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FREE Installation

If you come to Telfy, the installation will not cost you a single euro. Our team leaves everything ready for you to enjoy your connection from the first day.

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Personalized Attention

Whether in the office, by phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, or through the rest of the options we offer. We are here to help you.

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We do not raise prices

When we change something, it is to improve it and never without your consent. You pay only for what you have contracted from the first to the last day.

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We make it easy

We make things simple for you by taking care of everything so you only have to worry about getting the most out of your fiber optic.

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Own Network

We have our own fiber optic network. If there is any problem due to our own or external causes, we restore the service in record time.

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Maximize Your WiFi

We guarantee proper router placement to make the most of your home WiFi coverage.

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Clean and Fast

After each installation, we clean and leave everything as it was. We won't make you lose a minute of your time.

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Excellent Technical Service

Our team of professionals reacts in record time to all notifications received from our clients.

All prices include VAT

No surprises in your bill.

Boast the Best Fiber Optic

And take advantage of the benefits offered by the best fiber offers in Vega Baja, Requena, or Tordesillas.

Symmetrical and quality fiber optic.

Enjoy a quality internet connection with any of our services. We have our own network of thousands of kilometers in several towns in Vega Baja, as well as in Requena and Tordesillas.

ventajas telfy
ventajas telfy

Achieve the contracted speed with Telfy Fiber.

With Telfy's Fantabulous, you can browse from Fiber Optic speeds of 600Mb to Fiber 1000Mb (1GB) without interruptions and connect multiple devices at once. Additionally, with our symmetrical fiber, you can download and upload large files at the same speed and in the shortest possible time. Do a speed test on your connection here.

What Our Customers Think of Us

Discover the experiences of those who already enjoy our services.

Discover the services you have access to with Telfy's fiber rates in Vega Baja

Premium WiFi, for demanding homes.

Do you have problems with your home wifi? Does it not reach where you would like it to? Do you want wifi to reach every corner of your home?

At Telfy, we have launched a service where we offer a free study of wifi coverage in the home to all our clients. We locate blind spots and offer the best solution to make wifi reach where you want it to.

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I have questions before hiring Telfy's fiber rates

Take a look at the answers we believe can best help you make your decision. If you cannot resolve all your doubts, contact us through any of the channels we have enabled to communicate with you.

  • It is, today, the fastest and most effective way to connect to the Internet. With it, you can achieve speeds much higher than ADSL or Wimax. We also get better results and a much more stable connection. Additionally, symmetrical fiber allows us to upload heavy files to the cloud at the same speed as downloading, reducing the time we need to do so.

    • Connect via WiFi or cable and browse at full speed.
    • Connect all the devices you want and forget about fights.
    • Watch movies and series without streaming cuts.
    • Make video calls with maximum quality every day and at any time.
    • Reduce lag while playing our favorite video games. Reducir el lag mientras jugamos a nuestros videojuegos favoritos.
  • Our commitment to permanence is 18 months. In return, we give you free installation and activation service. If you decide to leave before finishing it, you can do so, but you must pay the corresponding amount for early cancellation at the time of termination. Once the contract is resolved, remember that you have to return the router and all the equipment loaned to use the connection.

  • If you decide to hire Telfy's fiber rates in Vega Baja, you can start browsing without worries within 2 to 30 business days. This is as long as your home does not require an extraordinary connection. In that case, the technician will assess the difficulty of the installation, and a date for it will be agreed upon with you.

  • When you hire Telfy's fiber optic with permanence, the installation is completely free. We assume 100% of the cost, as well as the rental of the equipment provided for the use of the connection such as the router are free. Remember to return the router when you leave.

  • Well, it depends on the needs of your home. As we know that in some cases it is difficult to decide which fiber speed is most suitable for our home, at Telfy, we provide you with information that can help you make this decision. In most cases, a speed of 300Mb is usually more than enough for a couple with young children who use their connection to browse at specific times. If there are 4 or more people in our house who regularly use WiFi, it is advisable to contract a 600Mb fiber connection. It would allow us to connect multiple devices at the same time without loss or connection problems. Therefore, all our family fiber rates start from 600 symmetrical megabits. And in cases where, in addition to having one or more children of college age, they play online games together, hiring a 1000Mb fiber allows the whole family to enjoy a quality connection at the same time, without interruptions.

  • We are a regional company based in Catral, one of the 27 municipalities that make up the Vega Baja del Segura region, south of Alicante. We have service in most of the municipalities in this region as well as Requena and Tordesillas. You can contract the service of: Fiber in Orihuela, fiber in Guardamar del Segura, fiber in Almoradí, fiber in Catral, fiber in Rojales, fiber in San Fulgencio, fiber in Dolores, fiber in Cox, fiber in Bigastro, fiber in Benejúzar, fiber in Formentera del Segura, fiber in Benijófar, fiber in Algorfa, fiber in Granja de Rocamora, fiber in Jacarilla, fiber in San Isidro, fiber in Daya Nueva, fiber in Daya Vieja. If you do not find your municipality on this list, do not worry, contact us because we may also have an offer for you.